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Jay S. Cohen M.D. (11/3/45 - 12/6/15)


It is with great sadness that I heard of the passing of Dr Cohen. I came to Dr Cohen in 2013, broken and almost without hope due to the multiple injuries from fluoroquinolones. Dr. Cohen gave me back my life.

As a former patient and member of the community of those harmed by FQs I feel the tremendous loss of our champion and friend. I am so grateful to have had the chance to speak with him just a few weeks before his death. I had the opportunity to thank him personally for all he did for me and the tens of thousands whose lives have been devastated by the misuse of these drugs. I commended him for his courage in facing down the drug industry and told him what a hero he was to us all.

The world has lost the presence of a great humanitarian but his legacy will live on. Each of us who have been helped by him can go forward and live our best lives with the tools he has left us with. Thank you, Dr Cohen, and may God rest your mighty soul. Until we meet again.

Lana Kennedy

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Cohen as his editor for more than a decade and I'm not surprised by the outpouring of praise and sadness from his colleagues, patients, and followers. As a human being, he was an overwhelmingly kind and generous man. As a physician, he was dedicated to improving the mental health of his patients, without medication if possible. As a researcher and author, he was dogged in his quest for data to discover the causes, treatment, and prevention of medication overdoses. His seminal work, Overdose: The Case Against the Drug Companies uncovered side effects often hidden by pharmaceutical companies and resulted in revised black box warnings. More recently, he discovered a link between flouroquinolone toxicity and DNA damage that possibly could result in birth defects among toxicity victims of child-bearing age. Fortunately, this issue has caught the attention of our legislators and, hopefully, action will be taken toward prevention by fully informing physicians and patients.

On a more personal note, Jay has been a caring and close friend throughout these years and I count myself among all of those who already miss him dearly.

Patricia Benesh, Ed.D

I am grateful for whatever it was that led Dr. Jay Cohen to consider us as a publisher of his books. Over the years, we had worked together, I found Jay to be a dedicated scientist, researcher, teacher, writer, and physician. Yes, he could also be very stubborn, but that's what made him so special. When he believed in something deeply, he would gather the facts, evaluate the results, and defend his position, tooth and nail. That was one of the many reasons why the FDA choose him to debate their own scientists at their professional meetings.

When last we met, he was practicing psychiatry, always looking to help others in so many different ways. I am truly sorry I never had an opportunity to say good bye. What I can say is that I was blessed to have him as my author and my friend. I will miss him.

Rudy Shur, Publisher
Square One Publishers

Jay Cohen was a doctor who really cared, a genuine rarity in this day and age. He was also a very supportive friend to me and to so many others, and an advocate for the myriad of patients who experienced adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, especially the fluoroquinolones. I know how hard Jay worked to get his message out there and, through his tireless efforts and his books, he succeeded. He will be sorely missed. I know I will miss him.

Julia Schopick
Author, Honest Medicine

Dr. Cohen was really one of the most warm, kind-hearted people I have ever known. He helped me tremendously and I always thought that if I weren't his patient, I would be honored to be his friend.

I'm saddened that I never got to tell him. I hope his family knows how much he meant to me and others.


I am a fluoroquinolone victim and Dr. Cohen spoke up for all of us. He was a hero. Although I did not know Dr. Cohen personally, I am mourning.

Theodore J. Richter

Death does not always come with warning...The loss of Dr.Jay S.Cohen is really catastrophic...especially to the Fluoroquinolone Community

Heaven took another Angel from us. The Fluoroquinolone Community will never forget you. Your work will carry on.

Rest In Peace

Terry Aston

I visited Jay just weeks before his passing. He was full of excitement about our fluoroquinolones group meeting with the FDA. He gave me autographed copies of his newly published book for my friends and one for the FDA panel. He was so kind to me, he even walked me to my car with his injured foot. He left me with a warm hug. It would be a good-bye hug from a hero and friend of humanity. I will never forget this wonderful man I came to know and love, Dr. Jay S. Cohen.

Jane Crosby

Dr. Jay Cohen was one of a kind, a physician who truly took the Hippocratic Oath seriously, a healer who cared. He was very active in getting information to the public and medical professionals about the very dangerous effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. I was very pleased when I received an autographed copy of his excellent book,How We Can Halt the Cipro and Levaquin Catastrophe This book should be required reading for anyone who is in the medical profession or dealing with the medical profession. Dr. Cohen was very important and beloved to the people who have been affected by these drugs and will be greatly missed.

Marian Brown

Jay S. Cohen M.D.

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